Student Work

Master’s Student Impresses By Swallowing Entire Metre-Long Metal Ruler

Wellington, NZ – 23 year old architecture student Sharon Lam impressed peers and critics during an interim review of her thesis by swallowing an entire metre-long metal ruler.

The feat was warmly received and her thesis supervisor remarked that they had never seen anything of the sort in the school before. Lam admitted that she had absolutely no work to show for the three months she had spent so far on her thesis, and this seemed like the most appropriate thing to do.

“To be honest I still don’t know what I’m writing my thesis on. I saw the metal ruler lying there and instantly thought hells yes, no one will notice that I’m completely behind if I can just insert this metre long object down my esophagus.”

Onlookers and Lam herself were surprised as the ruler quickly disappeared into Lam’s small body. Doctors expect she has about a month left to live.

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