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First House Built With Every Measurement Being 69

Auckland, NZ – Freelance architect Matt Pemberton has brought pride to New Zealand architecture by achieving a world first – a building made entirely with a single numerical unit of measurement: 69. Exterior rimu planking was custom cut to 69cm x 6.9m panels, the driveway is a sweeping 69m long, and all the windows are  a uniform 69cm x 69cm.

Pemberton admits there are some downfalls to the project, but it was important to commit: “Yeah all the doors on the inside are only 69cm wide so it’s a bit of a squeeze, and all the door handles are 6.9cm off the ground so they are pretty useless too. 69 though, lol, worth it.”

Pemberton’s ambitious house, which he plans to live in with his future (though currently nonexistent) girlfriend, will be featured on the latest season of Grand Designs New Zealand.

The country’s budding architect superstar is already underway with plans for his next project- a chill out house for his bros, based around measurements of 420.

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