First-Year’s Favourite Architect is Le Corbusier

startup-photo-largeMelbourne, Australia – Clutching his Moleskine and Lamy fountain pen, both unused, first year architecture student Cameron Smith happily told Bespokey that his favourite architect is “for sure” Le Corbusier. “Yeah his stuff is just really cool you know. Like the Villa Savoye, wow, nice straight lines, cool columns, pretty sick stuff. He’s def a big inspo.” Smith is partway through his first semester at RMIT and has found his time so far to be “really buzzy” but sometimes “hella tiring”. “What I’ve been doing is starting with a cool simple form like a rectangle just like Corby, and then I’ll chuck on something super modern, like a whole bunch of weird triangles. I want to be Le Corbusier but with a Macbook, you know?” When asked if he had any favourite female architects, Smith replied, “Nah I’m not really into Zaha’s stuff hey”.

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