Newly Discovered Letters Reveal Barcelona Pavilion Designed By Mies’ 5 Year Old Nephew

Chicago, US – A series of letters newly discovered amongst Mies van der Rohe’s archive collection has given more insight into the modernist’s life, including the true designer behind the Barcelona Pavilion – his then 5-year old nephew, Gerald. “Dear Gertie,” Mies wrote, “Little Gerald did the most adorable little drawing today in crayon. I think it could be quite funny to submit it for the International Exposition next week, don’t you? Also, my rash is acting up again. Please send more of that cream”. The Barcelona Pavilion, a glorified pile of slabs, has come to be a revered piece of modern architecture and the true architect is a startling revelation in the history of architecture. “Yes I am very surprised,” says second year student Maria Eccles, “I always thought that the Barcelona Pavilion was so obviously designed by an old white guy, so that it was actually a super young white guy is a bit of a shock.” Architecture professor Tom Harim, whose thesis was entitled “Mies van der No” and is currently working on his PhD dissertation, “Flat Roof, Big Whoop”, commented, “Less is more, just like Mies’ talent haha”. Other insight provided from the letters revealed that Mies’ favourite TV show was Lost, and that he thought that new Star Wars movie was “pretty cool”.

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