Built Work

Stunning Use Of Light In New York Apartment That You’ll Never Ever Be Able To Afford

15134A07A3A careful consideration of window placement, ceiling treatment and strategic interior partitioning has created a truly unique space in the heart of New York’s SoHo that you will probably never be able to visit and definitely never live in. A prime piece of real estate in one of the world’s most expensive areas, there is little chance that on an architects’ salary you will ever live in such a place, that’s if you manage to get to registration at all. By exposing the ceiling, the vertical height was able to be maximised, letting daylight flood into every US$35000 per square metre of the apartment. Perhaps if you kept dating that med student then some day you could have rented a subpar version of such a place, but you really screwed that one up didn’t you. The furnishing of the apartment was also carefully considered, with the ethical leather couch suite costing more than your entire student debt. By the time students pinning photos of the chic interiors to their Pinterest inspiration boards pay off their student loans, the price of the apartment will likely have increased to US$40000 per square metre.

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