Third-Year Student Finally Finds Her Voice As A Designer – A Croaky “Agghblargghhhaaaagrhhggaagggah”

Dublin, Ireland – In the last few weeks of her undergraduate degree, 22-year old architecture student Irene Poilt believes she has finally discovered what her voice is as a designer: a croaky “agghblargghhhaaaagrhhggaagggah”. When Bespokey visited Poilt in her tastefully cluttered flat, she was in the midsts of her final design project, fashionably sporting a bathrobe and masking tape in her hair. 

“All the biggest architects have a unique voice, and after three years I can’t believe I’ve finally found mine”. Poilt then proceeded to loudly croak “agghblargghhhaaaagrhhggaagggah”, an incredibly unflattering noise that clearly expressed worrying levels of stress and sleep deprivation. “Yeah, that’s pretty much how it goes – it says everything about who I am as a designer, and what I’ve done with my studies so far and I imagine in the future it’s only going to get more [here Poilt makes a deeper, gruntier repetition of the horrible noise]”. 

“Yeah the future’s looking bright,” Poilt says, while sipping from a mug of paint water, “look out for Agghblargghhhaaaagrhhggaagggah Architects“. 

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