New ‘Å’ Grade to be Introduced Across Architecture Schools


 From next month onward, architecture schools across the globe will be rolling out a new ‘Å’ grade. The move follows an increasing number of professors and tutors who worry that an A + is simply no longer ‘cool’ enough, and the fear that students are losing motivation as a result.

A test run at McGill university has shown a warm reception from students. Peter Uchoncsky, a second year, voiced his support to Bespokey. “Wow yeah that ‘Å’ looks fucking cool. Way better than an A+. A+’s are for nerds.” Ashley Choi, a third year with a B- average, admitted to underachieving for fear of being labelled a nerd and also showed enthusiasm. “Å! Oh my god, so Scandi-chic. I might actually try harder now, since that grade just looks so trendy. Look at that little circle! Loves it.”

The Å grade will not sit above or below the current A grade, but be a parallel grade for assignments that appear, on surface level at least, to be ‘cool’. Specific criteria for an Å grade is centered around a lazy appropriation of Scandinavian design, including the use of raw timber everywhere, perfect squares and 45° roofs. The use of IKEA furniture and Skalglubbar figures in renders will also count towards an Å.

If successful, an ‘あ’ grade may also be introduced, to placate students who think they are next Sou Fujimoto because they use a lot of white and make a big deal of drinking green tea in the studio.


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