Robert Venturi Tears Off Latex Mask To Reveal He Was Denise Scott Brown All Along

desnisePhiladelphia, US – Midway through a speech at his old high school, Pritzker Prize-winning architect Robert Venturi stunned the crowd by peeling off a latex face mask, revealing his true identity – his creative partner and wife, Denise Scott Brown. “Gotcha!” exclaimed Scott Brown. “And I wouldn’t have had to do this if it weren’t for the meddling patriarchy.”

One of the most famous husband and wife duos in architecture, the awarding of the Pritzker Prize to only Venturi and not Scott Brown in 1991 sparked debate and controversy. Scott Brown famously did not attend the award ceremony in protest, but now we know that she physically could not have, since she was in fact her husband all along.

“It is a shame that I had to parade around as this Robert Venturi man for several decades but I think I have proven a point. I only hope that the field of architecture grows towards equality so that in the future, females in the field need not don a latex mask and fat suit pretending to be their own husband to get recognition,” said Scott Brown.

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