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Study Finds That 87% Of Student Architecture Projects Are Just Bits Of String Attached To Nails


A new study has found that 87% of university-level projects by architecture students are just bits of string attached to nails.

The nails are inserted into sheets of foam board or ply, with the bits of string looped around the heads of the nails. The type and colour of string and type of nail varies between assignments, but all 87% of the projects are similar in their complete lack of substance and creativity.

Although this model-making cliche is incredibly outdated, students show no sign of stopping, with an estimated figure of 26 architecture students  around the world to be looping thread around nails at any one moment.

The popularity of bits of string attached to nails is believed to be linked to their incredible
versatility, being able to represent all sorts of architectural-sounding things such as “mapping tool”, “site analysis”, “concept exploration”, “solid and void”, and “materiality” – all without any skill, knowledge or original thought.

Critics are worried at the high percentage, saying that students will have false expectations when entering the workplace, where only 55% of professional projects involve bits of string around nails.

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