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Architect Repurposes Shipping Container Into A Vessel For Transporting Large Amount Of Goods

containerPortland, Oregon – The world has seen a lot of amazing projects done with shipping containers the past years, but a recent project by  US architect Louis Tanner is perhaps the most remarkable one yet.

In his project “Shipping Container 2.0”, Tanner took a disused shipping container and used it to store and transport a large amount of goods from his  US hometown of Portland to Christchurch, New Zealand.

Tanner picked this especially long route to show the amazing capabilities of the shipping container. “The dimensions of the shipping container are perfectly suited for ship, truck and rail transport, and their inherent strength can hold over 58 tonnes of cargo,” says Tanner, his love of shipping containers glowing in his eyes.

“It is spooky how well the shipping container is able to contain goods for shipping. I have always found them very inspiring in architecture, they always make the most beautiful, awe-inspiring buildings, but with this project I’m hoping that I can expand the uses of shipping containers even more, and really challenge the way architects and society think of this humble design component.”

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