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Absolute Nerd Actually Doing Work In Studio


Architecture student Timothy Greenberg shocked and disgusted his studiomates yesterday by actually doing work, several sources confirm. In an unprecendented move, Greenberg was seen starting a new CAD  file, reading journal articles, and stringing thread around nails for a model.

Caley Fowler, who was sitting near Greenberg and respectfully using her time in the studio to open and close Gmail several times and watch proposal fail compilations on YouTube, was just one disgruntled student. “You can’t just come in here and wave your work all over the place. It’s very disrespectful to those who choose to do absolutely nothing until the night before the deadline,” Fowler said. “He’s an absolute nerd. Appearing so on to it and enthusiastic is really unattractive. I might have terrible grades but at least I haven’t actually put in any effort, which everyone knows is the polite thing to do.”

Another student, who wishes to remain anonymous, was also disturbed by Greenberg while bidding in an online auction for a brass letter opener. “You know, I just came to studio to have a good time, buy some stuff online and check my ex’s Facebook page, and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now. If he wants to be productive he can do that in his own private space but seeing him academically progress while I’m suffering from crippling procrastination is really triggering.”

Greenberg was not available for comment because he had booked a laser cutting appointment that he just couldn’t miss, further cementing his status as a big fat nerd.

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