Best Fonts For Hiding Your Total Inadequacy

Whether you’re bluffing your way through a Master’s degree, scrambling to finish an essay, or have a client presentation in a few hours, these fonts are perfect for masking your general ineptitude. Read on to harness the power of typography to convince others that you  know what’s going on even though you really, really don’t!


  1. Arial

The font that says you’ve got nothing to hide, because there’s nowhere to hide with this classic sans serif. Arial is the equivalent of showing up to your first date in a wedding dress because you are just that confident, and you know what, you cluelessly are!


2. Garamond

The trusty font that lets you write literal gibberish and it will still look good. Thank you to the serif gods for gifting us this magical typeface that seems to airbrush itself with every letter you type!


3. Jokerman

Catch people offguard with this wacky font! ‘Wow this person is CRAZY’, your readers will think. Whoever chose this font must be some sort of eccentric genius that is way ahead of their time! So avant-garde!


4. Orator

Every first year architecture students’ favourite font, using this font will be such a turn off to the reader that they will stop reading immediately. For extra effect invert the whole document! Black backgrounds hells yeah! No-one will never know of your poor attempt to sound informed if no-one ever reads it!


5. Wingdings

Well this one just speaks for itself doesn’t it. Mailbox mailbox envelope skull!

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