Parametric Design To Be 65% Uglier By 2020

pexels-photoMassachusetts, US – Groundbreaking research at a MIT think-lab is set to change the future of computer aided design. In particular, a new Rhino plugin called The Schumacher will allow parametric design to be 65% uglier by 2020.

Koby Kenson, the head of the team, was pleasantly surprised at the results.

“Parametric design is known for a lot of things – how boring it is, how heartless it is, but above all, how incredibly ugly it is. Common opinion is that surely it can’t get any uglier. However, with The Schumacher, we will be reaching all new levels of ugliness by simply pressing a few greasy keyboard buttons,” Kenson reported.

The plugin works as a final step in the design process, allowing users to automatically convert ugly Rhino models into ugly as hell Rhino models, removing the need for any human thought process at all. The team is aiming for a 2020 release date, which is when the media release images should finish rendering.

The plugin’s namesake came from basing the algorithm on the designs of architect Patrik Schumacher, who the team called an “invaluable” inspiration. “Whenever we got the plugin code to reach a certain level of ugliness, we would google Schumacher and knew that we could achieve uglier. Naming the plugin after him is the least we could do.”

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