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MoMA Accidentally Accredit The Sun To Olafur Eliasson

olafNew York, US – The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) have accidentally given artistic credit for the sun to the Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson.

The error arose while museum staff waited for the arrival of a series of new works by the artist. When a huge, bright sphere of burning hot gas in the sky emerged gracefully from behind some clouds, they automatically assumed it had to have been an Eliasson.

The exhibition, Elias-sun,  ran for two weeks with record attendance before a five-year old asked a staff member why they were waiting in line to stare at the sun.

Ashleigh Kuning was one of the last to see the exhibition before it closed. “I had no idea it was the sun. I thought it was really profound what Eliasson had done, my eyes were starting to really hurt and tear up and I can still see a dark circle floating around – permanent retinal damage is sooo arty these days,” Kuning said.

Glen D. Lowry, the director of the MoMA, has refused to comment, with the sun being only the latest in a long string of pieces he thought were by Eliasson. Previous works he mistakenly identified as Eliasson’s include the moon, a spilled bean bag at Kmart, and the green light in The Great Gatsby.

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