This Rubbish Skip Voted Best Place To Study Architecture


A rubbish skip has been voted the best place to study architecture, beating contenders such as The AA, The Bartlett and Victoria University of Wellington.

A questionnaire surveyed over 9000 architecture students across 45 different countries, with questions covering academic resources, studio culture and mental health.

95% of the responses were overwhelmingly in support of the rubbish skip instead of the students’ architecture school, regardless of gender, age, or geographic location, suggesting that the rubbish tip is universally resonant to students of design.

Students could also leave extra comments with some of these being “yaaaaaas send me to the trash now”,  “looks like the home I’ve never had” and “how do I enrol”.

The researchers who carried out the study suggest that the 5% minority who preferred their architecture school to the rubbish skip were “most definitely the nerds”.







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