What Your Choice Of North Arrow Says About How You Will Die

An architectural drawing isn’t an architectural drawing without a north arrow. It is almost always the most important part of a drawing, second only to where the toilets are. Thus, you can tell a lot about someone from the type of north arrow they use. You can even tell how they will die:


  1. The Classic North Arrow – For the quiet individual who is happy to blend in with the crowd. You will probably meet your demise in traffic or being stood on one too many times.9trgboxqc
  2. The Northless North Arrow – Mysterious orbs of light have been popping up in your renders. Your death will be a spooky, silent one. Be wary of anything that looks like a UFO beaming down upon you.2000px-arrow_north_cfcf-svg.
  3. The I Love Early 2000s Graphics North Arrow – I’m not sure how you are reading this, because you died back in the year 2000 when you became the only human fatality of the Y2K bug.north1
  4. The Circle With Lines In It – You will be eaten by a bear.compass-160863_960_720
  5.  The Treasure Map North Arrow – You are a pirate. You will go down nobly in a cutlass fight against Johnny Depp.



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