Architecture Student Pretends To Sympathise With Law Student’s Workload


Auckland, New Zealand – Architecture student Lisa Meru was found once again faking sympathy for her friend Carol Sanders, as she expressed worry over her law student workload.

“God, she just would not shut up about all her readings and essays. The whole time she was talking I was just thinking of my last crit where I hadn’t slept in four days because I just could not decide on a font for my presentation. I work way harder than any law student,” Meru told Bespokey.

Sanders also took time out of her busy, busy law student schedule to talk give comment: “I know that Lisa might not be the best person to talk to, since her degree is just a glorified three years of building houses on the Sims, but she’s surprisingly sympathetic even though all she ever does is listen to podcasts and scribble on paper.”

Meru told us more about her secret to sympathise convincingly – “It makes it easier to pretend I care about whatever she’s complaining about if I just focus on the fact that I am a creative individual who does more than just regurgitate information, and that the draining, 24/7 creative process is just too hard for some people, like a law student, to understand.”

Meru and Sanders’ conversation became significantly more amiable as they mutually agreed on how boring medical students are.

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