First-Year Tadao Ando “Fan” Can’t Even Name Five Of His Buildings


Jeremy Taylor, 19, a first-year architecture student and self-proclaimed “fan” of Tadao Ando struggled to list even five of his buildings in a recent conversation.

“Trust me, I love Ando, I really do! Everyone else is into mainstream stuff like Gehry and Koolhaas but Ando is the man for me. Have you heard of him before? Tadao Ando? He’s a bit underground. I love his stuff.” said Taylor, mispronouncing “Tadao” as “ta-da”.

“My favourite building of his is the church with the light coming through the cross, and uh, I also really like his cardboard cathedral in Christchurch,” Taylor continued, mistaking Shigeru Ban’s work for Ando’s.

Bespokey asked the alty first-year if there were any more of Ando’s buildings that he liked.

“Um, yeah, there’s heaps. There’s that really cool one he did in Japan with the concrete…and that other one he did also using concrete, also in Japan. I think I prefer his earlier stuff though.”

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