5 Sexy Ways To Drop Out Of Architecture School


The only thing sexier than an architecture student is, well, pretty much anything, but especially an architecture school dropout. Here are 5 ways to make your exit as seductive as a future in architecture once was:

1. Cry A Lot

There’s nothing sexier than a glistening student who’s completely given up on everything. Get that drenched look by letting your tears wash all over yourself, you are Falling Water.

2. Dramatically Take Off Your Thick Rimmed Glasses

Now that you’re no longer required to look the part, dramatically whip your glasses off your face, toss your hair back and reveal your hidden beauty. It’ll be just like that scene in The Princess Diaries when Mia also takes her glasses off!

 3. Quietly Disappear

This subtle technique will secure your alluring status as campus enigma – were you ever even here? Did that breakdown during your last crit ever happen? Will you ever come back and pay for that computer screen you smashed? Mysterious…

4. Burn All Your Models

You don’t need your models now that you are the model. Also, flames are literally  hot – just like the non-architectural version of you. By standing near a burning pile of your once-tortured over models, people will associate you with danger and recklessness – sexy.

5. Sexy Dance Routine With Meter Long Metal Ruler

Metal rulers aren’t just for you to misplace and cut yourself on, they can also be a great prop in a sexy dance routine as you exit architecture school forever. Twirl, tango and trot with your metal ruler towards freedom.



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