4 Foreign Disasters You Can Appropriate For Your Next Assignment

Who better to design for a natural or political disaster than a privileged architecture student who lives in a completely different part of the world and has no understanding of that physical or cultural environment at all?!

Here are 4 assignment briefs that (you think) will make you look good:

1. A School In Sichuan


In 2008 an 8.0 magnitude earthquake in the Sichuan province of China resulted in almost 70 000 deaths. Over 5000 of these deaths resulted from substandard government-constructed schools. During his investigation, Ai Wei Wei was beaten up by police and suffered internal cerebral bleeding. In a similar vein of passion, you absolutely love spring rolls and are getting really good at using chopsticks. You’re definitely the right person to design a structurally sound replacement Sichuan school! Say ni hao to an A+!

2. Thai Bomb Shelter on Ko Pha Ngan


Thailand has recently been subject to a wave of deadly bombings, many of these being in close proximity to popular tourist spots. Won’t somebody think of the tourists! Oh wait, that can be you! Remember that full moon party on Ko Pha Ngan when you drank a bucket of tequila sunrise and then immediately threw up right back into it? What a perfect location for a bomb shelter! Now you and all of your main dudes can keep partying even if you realise those fireworks aren’t actually fireworks!

3. North Sentinelese Research Centre


This remote island, which lay in the path of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, is also home to one of the world’s only remaining untouched civilisations . Their survival and well-being following the tsunami is unclear due to their nature of being an untouched civilisation and all, but wouldn’t it be cool to imagine an intrusive building on the island? A lab for visiting scientists in the middle, a hospital for the locals who fall fatally ill due to the introduction of new diseases here, cafe there…


4. Transistrian _____???

Not really sure what’s happening in Transnistria but something bad probably happened at some point and wiped some land clean so you can justify your complete lack of site analysis.

So there you go! Hopefully at least one of these is far removed enough from your experience and knowledge to make for a great culturally confused project that really shows off your imperialist saviour complex!

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