Get a Good Grade with these Feng Shui Tips for Furniture Placement in Drawings

Good grades are definitely the most important thing in architecture school. Nothing else matters! And as everyone knows, the secret to good grades in architecture school is not hard work but a good knowledge of Chinese geomancy.

With the following tips, even the most useless architecture student can benefit from the flow of ch’i straight into a degree:



Put plants everywhere. Not only will this distract from your incorrect line weights, plants soften the Yang and gives a place for positive ch’i to congregate and stay within the room. Your reviewer will feel the positivity and give you more than a B.



For good feng shui, never have the head of the bed pointed at the doorway. Instead, have it placed against a wall to enhance secure energy. Extra for experts: ask your tutor  what year they were born, calculate their Kua number and point the bed in one of their auspicious directions.

Round Furniture:


Even though you’re never a-round university, use round geometries to offset your lack of productivity. Placing furniture in circular or octagonal groupings, as well as circular furniture itself lets ch’i circulate, great!

The Kitchen:


Did you get a terrible grade on your last assignment? It was probably because your oven wasn’t pointing in your lucky Tian Yi direction! Silly! The oven is the “mouth” that nourishes the household so it’s super important for not just your dinner but also your grades.

So there you have it! Foolproof Feng Shui tips to help you ace all your assignments, and thus a long and prosperous life.


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