Stuff You Found On The Floor That Could Probably Pass As A Concept Model

Crap! You spent your entire week watching every single one of Tom Hanks’ movies and now you don’t have any of those models due tomorrow. Not to worry, these items scattered around your bedroom floor could probably pass as concept models:

  1. Finished Toilet Roll


This finished toilet roll evokes perfectly the relationship you want between interior and exterior. The bits of toilet paper that are still stuck onto it hint at materiality, without giving too much away.

2. Rubber Band Wrapped Around A Straw


Elasticity. Elongation. Thoroughfare. Tension. What doesn’t this model show?? This may as well be on the cover of Poetics of Space!

3. Half A Daikon


When it comes to form, nothing says it better than everyone’s favourite Southeast Asian radish. Extra effective if it’s starting to go moldy – pastiche.

4. Snotty Used Tissue


Ephemeral yet structural, textural yet atmospheric. Eat your heart out, Frank Gehry. This snotty used tissue is like an actually good version of the Guggenheim Bilbao!

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