Founder of Niche Architectural Satire Site Inundated with Job Offers, Dates


Shäron Löm, founder of niche architectural satire site Pespokey, was completely overwhelmed by her inbox on Monday morning. Her Gmail was full of job offers from top architectural firms as well as requests for dates from a series of celebrities and other hot people after they stumbled upon Pespokey.

“Who would have thought that making dumb jokes about architecture would lead me directly overnight to several dream jobs as well as a slew of hot groupies?!”, Löm said humbly.

“I still can’t believe it. Yesterday I was making jokes about Bjarke’s dick, and now he wants me both romantically and professionally. It’s amazing what can happen with just a few dick jokes.”

At the time of publication, Löm was still indecisive about which firm to grace with her presence and genius, but has already been on three dates with Joe Jonas and is looking forward to a long and happy life together.

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