Student Work

Architecture Student uses Avocado Pips from Brunch to Build their own House


23-year old architecture student and millennial Lawrence Lee has built his own house using avocado pips saved up from his incessant brunching.

“Love avocado. Love brunch. Love living in a house. Don’t love the warped income to property price ratio brought on by baby boomers. So that’s why I live in  a house made of avocado,” says Lee.

Lee hopes that his avocado house will change views on the myth that millennials can’t afford their own house because all their money goes towards aeropressed coffee and smashed avocado on artisan bread.

“Older people judge us for spending $18 on an avocado-based brunch, but little do they know we’re actually hoarding all the pips to use as building material. This proves that you can have your avocado and eat it too. And live in it too.”

Thank you to @poolspy and their permission, who penned the tweet behind this story.







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