Iwan Baan Shoots Friend’s Wedding, Not a Single Person in Any of the Photos


Michael and TJ’s special day © Iwan Baan

Newlyweds Michael Strum and TJ Yan recently reached out to their friend and famed architectural photographer, Iwan Baan, to photograph the happiest day of their life, only to find Baan’s photos entirely devoid of people.

“I’m really upset. I mean sure he did a great job capturing the ephemerality of the  daylight filling the church but it would have been nice to have our first kiss as a married couple on film too,” said Strum.


The happy couple cutting the wedding cake © Iwan Baan

The guests also noticed Baan’s disinterest in them.

“He was really quite useless. There was an adorable moment where the flower girl was chasing their puppy around but he was busy photographing a stairwell,” said a guest.


Guests having fun © Iwan Baan

With their wedding album set to appear in Domus, do the newlyweds regret asking Baan to capture their magical day?

“Yes,” they said simultaneously.




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