Is Your Relationship Ready For BIM?


Building Information Modelling – everyone else seems to be doing it, so should you? Think about these points before you and your romantic partner commit to BIM:

1. Are either one of you a construction project?

Your soulmate, and pretty much everything else, is a social construct. But BIM is really more for literal built constructs, like a building in construction. So before you commit to BIM, take some time to think about whether either of you are actually a construction project.

2. Is it worth the learning curve?

BIM, like really getting to know someone, takes time. Think about how well you currently know your partner, and if you think you’ll still like them by the time you’ve worked out how to use a computer – you don’t want to spend  3 months learning a new software only to find out that they don’t like dogs.

3. How is the sex?

For some people, there’s no hotter coital soundtrack than BIM humming away gently in the background. So if your partner is looking to introduce BIM into the bedroom, then congrats, you’ve got yourself a real weirdo!!



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