Student Work

Student Falls In Love With Skalgubbar Figure

While mindlessly browsing for images of people jogging to distract from her ugly render, architecture student Tash Eggers found something she wasn’t expecting: love.

Scrolling through her favourite website for transparent insufferable-looking white hipsters, one figure caught her eye and her heart, a leggy young man she immediately named “Linus”.



Within minutes, Eggers had projected approximately seventeen fantasy traits onto Linus, including a shared interest of Father John Misty, Mad Men and fairy bread. She then tried to reverse Google image search to find the online presence of the real “Linus” but to no avail.

Sources state that Eggers never handed in her assignment, and is now somewhere in Sweden looking for Linus in various cafes, under the entirely made-up belief that he is a career barista.

This brings the number of love-stricken architecture students visiting Sweden in search of their Skalgubbar crushes up to 3,879 this year.

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