Architectural Uses for the Coal You Got for Christmas


Oh no! You did it again! You were an absolutely horrible person the entire year and all you got for Christmas was heaps of coal. Thankfully, coal is a very versatile architectural material:

1. Use it to make graphite sketches

While everyone’s using wussy clutch pencils, show everyone you mean business by sketching with a fist full of coal. Drown out those goody-good 0.5mm and 0.7mm HBs with your straight up 70mm 9B, ho ho ho.

2. Use it as a modelling material

It’s a 1:50 landscaping feature! It’s a 1:1000 mountain! It’s a 1:1 lump of coal for your “House for a Coalminer” project! Just stick a whole bunch of scale figures on it and some little trees around the place, haha, who cares! Modelling is easy.

3. Hurl it at someone who needs to be taken down a notch

There’s always that one person in studio who’s just a little too together, who’s always “creative in a completely unique way while still meeting building code”, “manages their time well” and “even helps out others in studio since they finished their project last week”. Ugh. Gross! Do everyone a festive favour and bring them down a notch by discreetly hurling coal at them.


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