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Brutalist Buildings That Still Aren’t As Brutal As That Thing Your Ex Tom Did

Brutalist architecture is known for its massive, intimidating, harsh, presence. No brutalist building however, comes even close to the level of harshness of That Thing your ex Tom did. Yeah, that thing.

Robarts Library, University of Toronto


This building that looks like a Transfomer would probably be quite intimidating had Tom not done That Thing. In comparison to what Tom did, this building looks like a sweet, cosy little cottage.



Boston City Hall

You call this brutal?? CUTE. Wait till I tell you what my ex Tom did. This building isn’t even half as cold as him.


The Torre Velasca

This tower in Milan begins to hint at Tom’s level of sheer heartlessness.


Forum Hotel, Krakow

Tom makes this building look like the 3D embodiment of warmth.


Habitat 67

Tom sucks!!!!!!!!!




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