Student Work

Student Accidentally Submits finaaalthesis.pdf Instead of finalFINALLLLLthesis.pdf


Architecture student Norah Am felt relieved to see her year-long master’s thesis finally print, bound and submitted, only to realise that she had printed and submitted the wrong file.

Instead of the final, complete thesis that she had thought she had printed, she had printed 200 pages of typos, and placeholder textboxes full of notes to herself like “insert dumb ol pics here” and “find where i saved that entire chapter (maybe that blue usb???  external hard drive???) & copy n paste here”.

“I double checked the USB I gave the print shop and it had my finaaalthesis.pdf file on it, instead of my finaaalFINALLLLLthesis.pdf, which was the actual final final thesis! I had even clearly labelled the final final one as the final final one! I can’t believe I made such a silly mistake!” reported Am.

As printing and binding her thesis set her back $300, Am says she has no plans to reprint and resubmit the correct file.



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