Female Graduate Avoids Gender Pay Gap by Not Having a Job


One recent female architecture graduate, Molly Fisher, believes she’s found the secret to beating the gender pay gap – not having a job.

“Can’t be paid less than a man if you don’t have a job!” explains Fisher.

Female architecture graduates start, on average, getting paid salaries 6.5% below male graduates. Unemployed graduates however, are paid the same (nothing), regardless of gender.

“I can’t even get past the unconscious biases in play at the CV and portfolio stage, let alone being hired and paid less than the dude version of me,” Fisher continues.

“A lot of my female ex-classmates have suspicions about their pay, and they also have stories of workplace discrimination. But as for me, I can’t even get a job in the first place, so I don’t have any of those problems! Hahaha!”

Fisher would also like the extend the note that if any architecture firms are reading this and are hiring, to please contact her, she is very desperate.

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