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Man Builds Tiny House to Make His Dick Look Bigger


Tiny houses offer portability, low material use and a price tag the fraction of a conventional house. For twenty-four year old Michael Pitts however, there’s another benefit: his house is so small it makes his dick looks so big in comparison.

“I used to live in a regular sized flat with a regular sized dick. But now, I live in tiny house with a seemingly huge dick,” explains Pitts. “If you can’t make your dick bigger, why not just make your house smaller?”

Pitts explained that his sexual partners have surprisingly not yet commented on the size of his dick, but have commented on the smell of the toilet – a bucket of compost with a lid, which doubles as his desk when the lid is down.

“The kitchen is just two of my dicks away from the toilet, and the toilet is just four dicks away from my bed. It makes a great Tinder bio. Not many people can say that about their dick.”


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