22-Year Old Man Who Spent $50 on Fountain Pen has Handwriting of a 4-Year Old

PENAfter seeing that everyone else had a Lamy pen, 22-year old Hamish Langlear forked out $50 for one too, regardless of the fact that he has the handwriting of a four year old.

“It’s like seeing a chicken drive a Maserati,” said his desk neighbour, Brian Wu. “I might nick it off his desk when he’s not looking, that pen deserves better.”

Not only does Langlear not seem to know which way ‘R’s go, he was also seen holding the fountain pen at the completely wrong angle, so that the nib was scraping instead of actually writing.

“Just between you and me, I don’t get what the big deal is with these pens. I can barely even get the ink out of this thing,” the oblivious Langlear said, as he went on to create a giant rip through his notebook paper in an attempt to write the date.



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