Grad Shocked At Complete Lack of Architectural Comedian Jobs

Mandy Hager, 24, who went through five years of architecture school purely to gather material, was shocked to discover absolutely zero jobs in the apparently non-existent field of architectural comedy. 

‘I don’t know what I’m meant to do now! I have all these jokes about Moleskines written down in all these Moleskines, and no-one willing to pay me money for them?’ she said.

Hager says she has been scoping job listings for almost a year now, as well as directly emailing firms inquiring about vacancies for in-house architectural comedian.

‘Nothing! Absolutely nothing. You’d think that at the heart of each studio is a full-time comedian, making funny quips about full-penetration butt joints, but I guess times have changed. Should’ve just learnt CAD…’

Hager, currently four thousand dollars in overdraft, plans to expand her job hunt to hospitality comedian jobs if no architectural comedian jobs come up within the next month.

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