Professor Unimpressed by Lineup for Crit

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Dr Jeanine Smith, an associate dean, was unimpressed by the lineup for an end of year crit she is due to review later on this week.

‘I read through the list and only knew one of the names in the lineup, Riley Lavette? Have you heard of them? I don’t really like their stuff. Bit too experimental for me,’ she said.

When asked who she was hoping to see in this year’s lineup, Dr Smith answered that she did have a few favourites in mind.

‘I was really hoping for Tanya Pfeiffer or Hee Jeong Ahn. Their work is so good live – I saw them in 2014 and 2015.  Instead Gary who only takes one paper and gives everyone A’s anyway gets to crit them. Lucky bastard. He can’t even name five of their past projects.’

Smith remains optimistic, hoping that some of the unfamiliar names will win her over. ‘I discovered a lot of my favourite architectural artists by seeing them live first, so maybe this will be one of those times.’



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